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About Venue
Convention Center Overview 北京亦创国际会展中心概览
Conference Center会议中心
Exhibition Center展览中心
Surrounding and Supporting Servicez周边及配套服务
Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center is situated in the core area in Yizhuang .surrounded by two urban trunk roads Ronghua Road and Rongjing Street and ad adjacent to RONG CHANG DONG JIEStation along Beijing Subway Yizhuang Line, thus forming a convenient communication and transportation network with a basis of the new highland of Intelligent robot industry Etrong Intelligent Robot Innovation Center, which, as the permanent venue of International Robot Conference, has filled the gap of exhibition in the south of Beijing and is the most distinctive international exhibition and communication center in the south of Beijing with the nearly 90,000for conference, exhibition and business matching.北京亦创国际会展中心坐落千亦庄新城核心区 , 荣华路、荣京街两条城市主干路环抱, 西北侧紧邻轨道亦庄荣昌东街站 , 交诵便利。依托千智能机器人产业新高地 亦创智能机器人创新园。作为世界机器人大会的永久会址填补了北京南部的展览、展示空白 , 现拥有会议、展览、展示及商务配套面积近9万平米 , 是北京南部最具特色的国际展示、交流中心。
Conference Center occupies 10,000 with meeting halls flexibly combined to catering for different scale conferences. There are a conference hall of 1,800seven small meeting rooms, two VIP lounges as well as a media center and an interview center. The 800m' dining hall together with its Chinese and Western sectors can fully meet the various catering needs. Multifunctional conference hall, advanced audio equipment and independent VIP passageway meet the needs of a variety of conferences.
会议中心面积10000平米,会议室均可灵活组合,为不同规模的会议自由定制。其中包括—间1800平米的大会议厅、 七间中小型会议室、 VIP休息室两间及媒体中心、 采访中心各一间。会议中心拥有800平米餐厅及各式中西式餐饮分区可满足各档次餐饮需求。多功能的会议厅、先进的音视频设备以及独立的VIP通道可满足不同的会议需求。
Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center occupies an indoor exhibition area up to 40,000with 2 large pavilions, which can provide 1,200 standard booths for display and about 10,000outdoor stadium. Ample space is formed by both the open southern lobby and outdoor stadium; unique vertical space is created by the distinctive northern lobby Double-storied large lobby can fully meet the need of exhibition register and consultation; wide passageways enable to establish a communication and transportation network; various advertising forms can effectively increase the exhibitors' fame; Ecological corridor perfectly integrates the northern and southern lobbies with fully open catering areas providing elaborate services both for the audience and the exhibitors
Conference Center Backgroud会展中心背景
Beijing Etrong International Exxhibition & Convention Center is a typical example of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing and national industrial stock land use with the theme of "high-end, international, green, intelligent" , filling the gap of exhibition in the south of Beijing. The center proactively implements the developing concept of "green" , "energy-saving" , and "sustainable" with green and environment protective materials during its construction, thus becoming a pioneer in Beijing to develop green low carbon recycling parks Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center is a long-term exhibition center under the guideline of "Made in China, 2025", featured in organic integration of "conference, exhibition, contest and innovation" and has already become the most distinctive international exhibition and communication platform for high-end industry in the south of Beijing.
亦创国际会展中心是传统制造业转型升级、 国家工业存噩土地利用的示范, 作为世界机器人大会永久会址 , 以 高端、 国际、绿色、 智能” 为主题 , 场馆秉持 “绿色”“节能”“可持续" 的发展理念 , 采用绿色环保材料是北京市开展绿色低碳循环园区建设的有益探索。亦创国际会展中心作为北京 “中国制造2025" 的长期展示中心 , 以 “会、 展、 赛、 创“ 有机融合为特色 , 已然形成京南最具特色的离端产业国际展示、 交流平台。