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About Venue
Convention Center Overview 中国光谷科技会展中心概览
Location Map of Convention and Exhibition Center
Conference Center会议中心
Exhibition Center展览中心
Geographical Advantages 地理优势






Located in the heart of the Optics Valley Central City, China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center (COVCEC) is a significant landmark building, adjacent to the Hubei Museum of Science and Technology and the Management Committee of the East Lake High-tech Development Zone to the west, Guocai Center to the east, and the urban main road Gaoxin Avenue to the south. The overall structure comes at about 400 meters in length, consisting of 3 floors above ground and 2 underground floors. Address:787 Gaoxin Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan.中国光谷科技会展中心地处光谷中心城核心位置,是极具昭示性的地标建筑。西临湖北省科技馆、东湖高新管委会,东接国采中心,南面为城市主干道——高新大道。整体建筑东西长约400米,地上3层,地下2层。地址:武汉市东湖新技术开发区高新大道787号。
Ballroom(1620 persons)大宴会厅(1620人)
The Conference Center covers an area of 8,000 square meters, comprising 3 large conference rooms, 4 small conference rooms, 4 multi-purpose rooms, and a large banquet room with an area of about 3,200 square meters.
As Class A exhibition halls, the venues in the Exhibition Center cover a building area of approximately 84,123 square meters, including a basement and two floors above ground. The exhibition area is approximately 21,221 square meters that can accommodate 1,235 booths.
Multi-purpose Room多功能会议厅

Central location:

Situated in the core area of the Optics Valley Central City, COVCEC represents the image and window of the headquarters economic zone. Surrounded by cultural facilities and commercial cluster, it is the focus of Optics Valley where multiple resources are gathered.

Convenient transportation:

The project is adjacent to Gaoxin Avenue, with the first ultra-efficient road network area in Wuhan that encompasses high-speed rail, urban railway, subway, tram, BRT and conventional bus services. By the time the project is completed, it only requires half an hour to conveniently reach to Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang from here by various transportation means. Hence, resources and business communications can be significantly accelerated.

Quality supporting facilities:

In addition to well-equipped hotels, shopping malls and other supporting facilities nearby, COVCEC is close to the Hubei Museum of Science and Technology, the Optics Valley Government Affair Service Center, and other important municipal supporting facilities.

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