Overview of Wuhan


Wuhan, one of China's mega-cities, is the economic, cultural, commercial, and financial hub of Central China. The Yangtze River, the world's third longest   river, and its largest branch - the Han River-join here, dividing Wuhan into three parts: namely, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang.

  • A 3,500 year history of and a profound culture

  • An urban area of 8,569.2 k㎡ and an abundance of fresh water



  • 城市面积8569.2平方公里,淡水资源丰富

  • 常住人口1108.1万,人力资源充足

Superior Transportation

 ·  Airway: With an annual throughput of 35 million, Trianhe Ainport (Phase I), the largest aviation hub in Central China, has been completed and put into service. Wuhan is serviced by 56 intermational and regional airlines and boasts a passenger throughput of 2.62 million a volume of passengers which ranks I in Central China.·

·  Waterway: Wuhan boasts the largest inland river port on the Yangtze River. The river-sea through route is connected to international ocean liners, enabling it to reach every corner of the world. Wahan. Chongqing and Shanghai are collectiveły referred to as three major shiping centers on the Yangtze River, and Yangluo International Hartbor has a container throughput of 1.457 million TEUs.
  ·   Railway: Wuhan is one of the four largest railway hubs in China and the Heart of Hligh-Speed Rail', with high-speed trains reaching 26 provincial capitals nationvwide. thus forming a 4 hour economic ring. The Wuhan-Europe freight train registers the second largest volume of shipments and the largest amount of return freight in China.
  ·   Highway: 14 highways converge in Wuhan.



·铁路:全国四大铁路权纽之一、“高铁之心”,高铁可通达全国26个省会城市,形成4小时经济圈, “汉欧"国际货运专线直达欧洲,发组总量位居全国第二,回程货运量位居全国第一。
·公路: 14条高速公路在武汉交汇。
Robust Education and Science Technology



Wuhan is one of the top 3 science and education

bases in China. With a complete range of disciplines,

it ranks 3 in China in terms of comprehensive science

and education strength.





  • 89所高等院校

  • 在校大学生120万人,世界第一

  • 121所科研机构

  • 21个国家级重点实验室

  • 15个工业技术研究院

  • 69位两院院士

  • 国家“千人计划”专家464人

  • 6位诺奖专家

Ranked 12" on the Forbes List of Top 30 Innovative Cities in the World   

  • 89 higher education institutions

  • 1.2 million college students, ranking 1" in the world

  • 121 research institutions

  • 21 state-level key laboratories

  • 15 industrial technology research institutes.

  • 69 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • 464 national "1,000 Talents Program" experts

  • 6 Nobel laureates

Solid Industrial Foudation

Wuhan is making every effort to build five bases, namely the National Memorizer Base, Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, National Cyber Security Professional and Innovation Base, National New Energy and Intelligent Connection Vehicle Base, and Massive Health Industry Base, as well as three world-class industrial clusters, namely bio medicine and medical equipment, optoelectronic information, and auto & parts, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and strengthen support for high-quality industrial development.






Wuhan will focus on three key industries, namely information technology, life & health, and intelligent manufacturing, to build an organic, updated iterative industry system composed of"existing pillar industries, strategic emerging industries, and future-oriented industries".


An International Metropolis

· France, the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom have all set up consulates general in Wuhan. Plus, with 21 foreign trade and economic organizations settling in Wuhan, the city ranks 1st in Central China in terms of the number of foreign organizations.

Wuhan has 28 international sister cities and 81 international friendly exchange cities.

266 out of the Fortune 500 companies have settled in Wuhan.

. In 2018, the actual utilization of foreign investment in Wuhan

increased by 13.3% year-over-year.

The imports and exports amounted to 214.6 billion yuan in 2018, up by 10.9%.

Wuhan has two Class I ports, one provisional open port, one Class II port, and three areas under special customs supervision. The overall clearance time of the port was reduced by 41%, and the clearance environment was further optimized.

. In 2018, the turnover of overseas contracted projects and labor cooperation was USD 4.66 billion, up by 19%. The amount of service outsourcing contracts doubled, for which Wuhan was awarded the title of Service Outsourcing Demonstration City of China.









Livable Ecological Environment

Wuhan features a monsoon climate with abundant rainfall and sunlight and four distinct seasons


微信截图_20191107113121.png微信截图_20191107113101.png•Air quality situation:·空气质量情况:
255 days of excellent air quality annually空气质量优良天数达255天
No paint corroding substances in the air空气中无侵蚀油漆的物质
•No acid rain ·酸雨情况:无酸雨
•Not a bird habitat·鸟类栖息情况:不是鸟类栖息地
• No sandstorms, typhoons, or tornadoes


Seismic fortification intensity: