The ICDT 2024 Committee cordially invites you to submit papers for oral and poster presentations.All papers will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee and assigned to the appropriate session for oral and poster presentations.

ICDT 2024 Topics
First Call for Papers

As part of the technical symposium covering the broad range of information display topics listed, ICDT 2024 will feature topical sessions which focus specifically on selected issues or key developments. Paper submissions are welcome for any of the general symposium topics or for any of the specific topical sessions described below.


1. TFTs of New Materials and Processing Technologies

2. High-Performance TFTs & Active-Matrix Displays

3. TFT Device Physics, Characterization and Modeling

4   Pixel Circuits and Backplane for Current Driving Displays

5. Novel TFT Circuits and Hybrid TFT Integration

6. Active-Matrix Displays with Integrated Sensors

7.New Applications of TFTs and Related Active-Matrix Devices

Applied Vision

1. Display, Lighting and Visual Health

2. Virtual /Augmented/Mixed   Reality Visual Perception

3. Light   Environment Perception and Design of Lighting and Display Integrated

4. Color Vision and Perception

VR/AR/MR & Metaverse

1. Display Technologies for VR/AR/MR
2. Display Optics, Sensors and Interaction for VR/VR/MR
3. 3D Generation, Rendering and Modeling Technologies for VR/AR/MR and Metaverse
4. Metaverse and Digital Twin(DT)Technologies and Applications for VR/AR/MR
5. The Standardization and Performance Evaluation of VR/AR/MR Products and Systems

Display   Applications

1. Applications of Flat Panel Display

2. Applications of 3D Display

3. Applications of Wearable Display

4. Applications of Environment Display

5. Applications of other Display

Display Electronics

1. Display drivers and Driving technology

2. Image/Video capture and processing

Display Measurement

1. Optical Characterization and Measurement of High-Dynamic Range and Wide-Color-Gamut Displays

2. Measurement Methods for Near-to-Eye Displays for AR, VR, and Other Applications   

3. Optical Characterization and Measurement of Light-Field and 3D Displays
4. Display Measurements Method and Standards; Instrument Calibration and Verification

Display Manufacturing

1. Manufacture of TFT Devices, Arrays, and Circuits

2. Manufacture of LCDs and other Non-Emissive Display Panels

3. Manufacture of OLEDs and Other Emissive Display Panels            

4. Display Module Manufacturing for All Display Technologies

5. Display Material and Component Manufacturing

6. Manufacturing Equipments for All Display Technologies

Display Systems

1. Novel Displays System Technology

2. MiniLED Backlight Module and Novel Backlight Technology
3. Display interactive technology and 3D holographic technology
4. System Technologies for AI, IC, OS and APP
5. High Speed Interface and Transmission Technology:5G

6. Audio Technology、Video Technology

Emissive Display, MicroLED   Display, and Quantum Dots Related Display (EMQ)

1. Micro/MiniLED Displays

2. Quantum Dot materials and its photoluminescence

3. Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode Devices(QLEDs)

4. Unconventional and Emerging Emissive Display materials and technologies

E-paper and Flexible Displays

1. Critical Components of Foldable Displays

2. Fabrication of Flexible Displays

3. Stretchable and Deformable Displays

4. Flexible Sensors and Beyond

5. E-Paper Displays

Liquid-Crystal Technology

1. LC Optics in AR/VR/MR Applications

2. High Perceptive LCDs   

3. LC Phase Modulator and Beamforming Device

4. Smart windows

5. Alignment and LC Materials

6. Emerging LC Technologies



1. Human-centric Lighting

2. Engineering lighting

3. Display Light Sources


1. OLED Materials

2. OLED Devices       

3. Micro-OLED Displays

4. Flexible & Wearable OLED

5. Large Area OLED Displays

6. OLED Lighting

Printed Displays

1. Printed Display Materials

2. Processing and Devices of Printed Display

3. Printed TFT

4. Flexible and Printed Electrons

5. Equipment Technology for Printed Display


1. Laser display devices

2. Laser speckle measurement and Applicaiton

3. Laser Near-eye Display Technology

4. Laser Holographic Display Technology

5. RGB Laser and Application

6.Spatial Light Modulator and Optical Imaging Design

Touch and Interactive Display

1. Function integration of displays

2. TFT based Sensors

Vehicle Displays

1. Advanced Technology/Application in Vehicle Display

2. Head Up Display (HUD) for vehicle and aircraft Display

3. Intelligent Cockpit Display System for Internet of Vehicles

4. High Ability Materials Applied in Vehicle Display

5. High Performance Process Applied in Vehicle Displays

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