About Venue
The multi-function hall is equipped with
a 42 ㎡ VIP lounge

Location Map of Convention and Exhibition Center

Reception Hall: 2000 ㎡, which can accommodate up to 1200 people
AD multi-function conference hall 585 ㎡

Plane distribution map

Kunshan International Convention Center Overview
Reception Hall
Multifunctional Conference Hall
BC multi-function conference hall 585 ㎡

Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall A / B / C / D Conference Room:
A / B Both conference rooms are 179 ㎡Both C / D meeting rooms are 159 ㎡

VIP Room
Business Hall: There are 3 VIP rooms, large and small, for VIP leaders to rest and meet.VIP Room V1 ( 123 ㎡ )VIP Room V2 ( 68 ㎡ )VIP Room V3 ( 87 ㎡ )
Round Table Conference Room
Conference Room 6 ( 25 persons )

Conference Room 6 ( 25 persons )

Kunshan Terminal
Kunshan Terminal of Shanghai International Airport is the largest off-site terminal in the Yangtze River Delta region. It takes about 40 minutes to Hongqiao Airport and 120 minutes to Pudong Airport. It mainly provides ticketing, check - in, baggage handling and airport bus services. Since its operation, 13 airlines such as Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Southern Airlines and Taiwan's China Airlines have settled in Kunshan Terminal. The opening of the terminal has further amplified the " city effect" of Shanghai and Kunming, creating conditions for optimizing Kunshan's investment environment and living environment, further integrating into the metropolitan area of Shanghai and better accepting the radiation from the metropolis.


Geographical advantages:

( 1 ) 45km from Shanghai and 37km from Suzhou. ( 2 ) 40km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 92km away from Shanghai Pudong Airport. ( 3 ) 8km away from Kunshan Railway Station and 9km away from Kunshan South Railway Station. ( 4 ) The perimeter of the pavilion is close to the Lu Jia high-speed entrance and Kunshan high-speed entrance.

Parking advantages:
There are about 2500 parking spaces in the garageThere are about 600 parking spaces outside the square

Business circle advantages:The surrounding shopping and catering : Pioneer Outlets, Hongji Fortune Plaza, Shimao Plaza, RT Mart, CR Vanguard, etc

Terminal advantages:

The exhibition hall is equipped with the first inter-provincial and inter-city terminal building with international and regional flight check-in functions, integrating ticketing, check - in, VIP rest, baggage check-in and shuttle bus functions.

Venue: Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Suzhou No. 388, Qianjin, Ave, East, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China