Hefei, referred to as "Lu" or "He", the ancient name of Luzhou, Luyang, Hefei, Anhui Province under the jurisdiction of prefecture-level city, the provincial capital, China Yangtze River Delta city cluster deputy center city, an important national scientific research and education base, modern manufacturing base and comprehensive transportation hub.

Hefei is located in East China, central Anhui, between Jianghuai and Chaohu Lake, It is the deputy center of the Yangtze River Delta city cluster, the central city of Hefei metropolitan area, the core city of Wanjiang City Belt, the central city of G60 Science and Innovation Corridor, the strategic two-node city of the "Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the comprehensive national science center, the member city of the World Science and Technology City Alliance, the central city of China's integrated circuit industry, the national science and technology innovation pilot city, and the four major science and education bases in China one.

Hefei is an ancient city with a history of more than 2000 years, because the East Feihe River and the South Feihe River originated there.

Luogang Park

Hefei Luogang Park fully retains the original Luogang Airport land and is transformed as a part of the park. It uses aviation memory such as airport runways, terminals and hangars to implant various functions such as leisure and recreation, aviation sports, fashion and performing arts, sports and fitness, science and technology education, and builds a people's park combining ecology, science and technology and culture.

Mu Shan Island

Located in the heart of Chaohu Lake, one of the five major fresh water lakes in China, Mu Shan Island is the largest island in the lake, located in the southwest direction of Zhongmiao Street, with elliptical terrain.

Sanhe Town

Sanhe Town is named after ancient rivers, ancient Bridges, ancient streets, ancient alleys, ancient dwellings, ancient teahouses, ancient temples and ancient battlefields. "Eight ancient" unique landscape, is a Chinese historical and cultural town.

Anhui Museum

The only provincial comprehensive museum in Anhui Province with a collection of natural, historical and social relics of more than 218,000 pieces. Anhui Museum is a landmark cultural facility in Anhui Province, reflecting the Hui-style architecture of "four rivers in the hall and five sides connected". In 2011, the Anhui Provincial Museum was renamed Anhui Museum.

Hefei China Intangible Cultural Heritage Park

Hefei China Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, an ecological paradise themed on traditional Chinese culture and spiritual wealth. With the purpose of "inheriting national culture and promoting national spirit", the intangible Heritage Park is not only a paradise for tourism, but also a stage to highlight the charm of diverse cultures and the meridian of inheriting cultural essence.

Hefei Binhu National Forest Park

Hefei Binhu National Forest Park is China's first national forest park built by ecological restoration of artificial forest after returning farmland to forest. According to local natural conditions and history and culture, it has landscapes such as mountains and rivers Luzhou, Jiaomu spring scenery, and four rivers returning to the temple. The park was awarded the "China Human Settlement Environment Example Award" and was also named the National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot and the national AAAA tourist attraction

Huaihe Road Pedestrian block

Huaihe Road Pedestrian block is located in the core area of Hefei City, is a landmark characteristic block of Hefei. Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street is a "popular landmark" in Hefei, and now it has become the first ten-billion block in the province. At the same time, it gathers large shopping malls such as department store, Drum Tower Golden Block, Yintai Center, Parkson, Commercial Capital and many flagship stores of well-known brands.

Anhui Innovation Hall

Anhui Innovation Hall is located in Hefei Chaohu Bin, the whole hall is composed of 3 independent venues, of which Hall 1 focuses on the function of display window, and collects more than 1600 innovative exhibits. Hall 2 focuses on the function of achievement transformation and trading, and has built Anhui science and technology market with functions of intellectual property operation, technology trading, financial services, and fruit evaluation. Hall 3 focuses on the docking service function.

Hechai 1972

Hechai 1972, the first cultural and creative park transformed from the former prison site in China, retains the structural characteristics and architectural culture of the original industrial relics of Hefei Diesel Engine Factory, and carries out secondary design and transformation again. Lai Hechai 1972, trace the time changes of the city, take the steam train, starting from Hefei station, driving on the pocket rail, the time seems to return to the 80's Hefei.

Xiaoyaojin Park

Xiaoyaojin Park is one of the places of interest in Hefei. The terrain of the whole park is fan-shaped, the water in the east of the park is open, and there are large squares, children's parks, waterside pavilions and amusement facilities. In the west, there are waterside buildings, gardens within gardens, showrooms, Meihua Mountain scenic area, etc. The park is listed as one of the national monuments, and its name is marked on the map given by the state to the United Nations.

Jindadi East-West Street

Jindadi East-West Street is the first large-scale characteristic commercial district in Hefei, which takes culture and creativity as the proposition and integrates leisure, entertainment, catering, residence, tourism and sightseeing.

Changjiang 180 Art Block

As the first old industrial base relocation and transformation pilot project in Anhui province, the completion and operation of Hengtong Cultural Industrial Park will have a strong demonstration effect and industrial driving effect on the excavation, protection, transformation, renewal and development of cultural and creative industries of Yaohai District and even Hefei City's industrial heritage, and become a new business card for improving the quality of the city and making industrial heritage "Nierliang" a new city fashion district and urban culture.

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