Introduction about ICDT

ICDT is one of the most important international conferences sponsored by SID outside the US, the first ICDT was successfully held in Fuzhou in 2017 followed by ICDT 2018 in Guangzhou, ICDT2019 in Kunshan, ICDT 2020 in Wuhan, ICDT 2021 in Beijing and ICDT 2022 in Fuzhou with higher level, larger scale, and stronger international influence. ICDT attracted over 1000 display professionals around the world, of which there were 20%-30% overseas attendees.ICDT has become annual international display conference.

The Conference topics cover a wide range of new display technology and the latest progress of intelligent manufacturing technology. In addition to the general 17 technical topics, we also focus on 9 special topics, including advanced TFT, printed displays, VR/AR/MR and Metaverse,Mini/Micro-LED & highly integrated semiconductor information display (HISID), light filed display,flexible electronics and displays, quantum dots andrelated displays, vehicle displays, green intelligent manufacturing technology. Along with visionary keynote speech delivered by prominent experts, ICDT 2023 also offers various events, including   technical symposium covering 17 technical areas,Business Conference, Technical Seminars & Short Courses, Exhibition,Exhibition Forum, Innovation-Zone, Display Future Star CupDebating Competition, Display Technology Innovation Competition, SID China Display Industry Awards (CDIA) Ceremony,Display Industry Future Technology Strategy Summit(FTS), Metaverse and Display Forum, Micro/Mini LED Display Core Technology Road Map Forum, etc. Pleasecheck ICDT website ( forthe latest information on all events. ICDT 2023 will be an excellent venue to exchange ideas between display professionals and to establish collaboration with a broad spectrum of researchers and key industry players around the world.

ICDT 2023 will be hosted jointly by the SID Beijing Chapter, SID Taipei Chapter and SID Hong Kong Chapter. It will be organized by SID China and Southeast University. As the operational entity of SID in China, SID China is dedicated to bridge international collaboration on academic research and technology development among universities and research institutes around theworld. SID China devotes to introduce SID members and oversea display companies to work with Chinese display community. SID China also helps innovative companies or entrepreneurs to access capital fund through our investment funding network.

ICDT 2023


   March 31-April 3, 2023


   Nanjing Intenatioanl Exhibition Center, China

Guided by

    Nanjing Municipal People's Government, Southeast University, Technology Bureau of China Media Group

Hosted by

   Nanjing Gulou District People's Government, Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

   State Key Laboratory of Ultra-high Definition Video and Audio Production and Broadcasting

   the Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapter

   National Center of Technology Innovation for Display

   Fuzhou University

Organized by

‍   Shicheng Laboratory of New Display and Visual Perception

   International Joint Laboratory of Information Display and Visualization, Ministry of Education

   School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University

   SID China‍


  • First Call Posted Online (Fri. Sep.30, 2022)

  • Open Online Technical Summaries Submission System (Mon. Oct.10, 2022)

  • Final Call for Papers Posting   (Mon. Oct.10, 2022)

  • Deadline for Submission of Technical Summaries (Sun. Dec.4, 2022)

  • Accept/Reject Letters e-Mailed (Fri. Dec.23, 2022)

  • Open Online Full Paper Submission System (Fri. Dec.23, 2022)

  • Open Online Registration & Payment System (Fri. Dec.23, 2022)

  • CDIA Award Application (Nov.1, 2022-Feb.5, 2023)

  • Advanced Session Timetable (Fri. Jan.13, 2023)

  • Advance Program Posted on Web Site (Fri. Jan.13, 2023)

  • Deadline for Submission of Papers (Sun. Feb.19, 2023)

  • Final Session Timetable (Fri. Mar.3, 2023)

  • Final Program Posted (Fri. Mar.3, 2023)

  • Apply for I-Zone and Roadshow of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Projects (Sun. Mar.5, 2023)

  • ICDT 2023 (March 31-April 3, 2023)



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