Zugang Liu

Dr Zugang Liu is a distinguished Professor and the head of Institute of Printed Optoelectronics in China Jiliang University, after 10 years as a Principal Scientist in Nanoco Technologies, a leading company working on R&D and manufacturing Cadmium-free quantum dots, and other nanoparticle materials in the UK. Prior to Nanoco, he was a leading physicist in Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), working on polymer OLEDs and Research Fellow in Oxford University on Dendrimer OLEDs. He was first person in Mainland China studying OLED, after several years investigating inorganic luminescent materials and devices. He was selected as a Rising-Star by Shanghai Municipal Government in 1996 and Oversea expert of Zhejiang Province in 2016. Currently, he is focusing on printed optoelectronics including OLED, QLED, PeLED and thin film solar cells.