Wenbin Huang

Dr. Wenbin Huang is a professor at School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering in Soochow University. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals including Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nanoscale, Optics Express, etc.al and two chapters. He has applied over 70 Chinese patents and granted over 40 patents. He also works as a youth editor for the Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays. His research interests focus on the liquid crystal patterning techniques and liquid crystal planar optics. (1) By invoking the ultra-fast response behavior of photosensitive materials to pulsed light, we have developed a pulsed polarization lithography system. The proposed pulsed polarization lithography system has advantages including high resolution (0.5um), large aperture (beyond 12 inch) and high fabrication efficiency (1cm2/min), advancing the liquid crystal planar toward practical applications. (2) We have successfully fabricated liquid crystal gratings with an aperture beyond 12 inch. We have proposed the parallel superimposed exposure method and tension control of the reactive mesogen solution during large-sized coating. The resulted large aperture polarization grating exhibits a uniform diffraction efficiency exceeding 98%. (3) Based on the anchoring characteristics of nano-grooves on liquid crystals, we have proposed a digital nanogroove multidimensional liquid crystal alignment technology to accurately control the azimuth and pretilt angles of liquid crystals.