Wei Quan

Wei QUAN, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd./Hefei BOE Joint Technology Co., LTD., Principle Research Engineer, as a core member of the BOE large-size WOLED team, mainly focuses on improving theperformance of stacked white organic light emitting diode, developingtransparent electrodes, and improving the performance of thin film encapsulation. The achievements include developing and improving CGL structuresfor lateral crosstalk, reducing the impact of lateral crosstalk on productcolor gamut; Utilizing DBR packaging design to achieve WOLED strong microcavity structure, improving display color gamut and reducing power consumption;   Develop inorganic buffer layer film layers to achieve ultra-thin, high transmittance, and high barrier film packaging structures.I have authorized over 50 patents, published 4 conference papers,and accumulated 10 years of research and development experience in the OLED display field.   Through continuous reserve of cutting-edge display technology, we continue to drive the landingand technological upgrading of BOE large-sized WOLED products.Currently, we have launched products such as 95-inch 8K OLED televisions and 55-inch 4K transparent OLED display windows.