Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Contact :Name:Xuehua Huang   Tel:86-510-82106600-8012   Email:huangxh@sunera-cn.com

Company Profile   

Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co., Ltd. ("SuneraTechnology") is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, high-tech zone,was established in January 2013, belongs to the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP)'s three-level subsidiary, the holding parent company is Valiant Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002643), mainly engaged in OLED display materials and flexible electronic functional materials R&D, production and sales.

Description of the Productand Service

The Whole Process Covers from MolecularDesign with Independent Intellectual Property Rights to Terminal SublimationMaterial. Mass production and supply products mainly include: HBL、ETL、CPLetc.

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