Empyrean Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Company PR Contact Name and TelephoneNumber/Email-address

Contact:   Name: Fei Fang   Tel: 18616861270   E-mail:info@empyrean.com.cn

Company Profile

Empyrean Technology, founded in 2009, is an EDA and services provider to the global semiconductor industry. In the EDA domain, Empyrean Technology provides complete solution for analog design, digital SoC solution, complete solution for flat panel display design and foundry EDA solution, and provides EDA related services such as foundry design enablement services. Empyrean Technology is headquartered in Beijing, with major R&D centers in Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China.

Description of the Productand Service

1:Empyrean EDA and Service

2:Advanced Model and Reliability Model Solution

3:Design Automation Solution

4:Vehicle Display Solution

5:Touch Panel Design Solution

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