WG Tech (Jiangxi) Co.,Ltd.

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Contact:   Name: Raina Lei   Tel: 13544038771   E-mail:raina.lei@wgtechjx.com

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Founded in December 2009, WG Tech (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of SSE in 2018. The company's initial main business is FPD LCD panel finishing business, and then acquired a number of technology-based companies such as WaltBetter, Unishiine, Singway Electronics, Beyond Optoelectronics, etc. The company has expanded its main business from traditional glass finishing business to new generation semiconductor display (Mini/Micro LED backlight/direct display), semiconductor packaging, CPI/PI film and other product areas, aiming to build the company into a new material technology-based enterprise.

Description of the Productand Service

34" 0OD Glass Light Panel

34" 0OD Solution

Glass based MIP Encapsulation Board

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