AI-Ronghua Liu-Bio

Liu Ronghua, VicePresident of Wuhan Jingce Electronic Group Co., Ltd. and General Manager ofDisplay Business Group, is responsible for leading the technical research anddevelopment and industrialization of the group's display sector. He is anindustry pioneer who has been deeply involved in the localization of paneltesting for more than ten years. As the person in charge of the display sectionof Jingce Electronics, Liu Ronghua led the team to independently developdomestic equipment such as AOI and DeMura, successfully breaking foreigntechnological monopolies and achieving a leap from industry catching up,surpassing to leading. At the same time, he has a keen grasp of the pulse ofindustry technology, layout of new display areas, and achieved multipletechnical breakthroughs. He has presided over or participated in a lot ofgovernment research projects and won many national and provincial honors.