AI-Ronghua Liu-Abstract

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been widely appliedacross various fields, particularly in the manufacturing industry, where itplays a significant role in improving product yield and controlling costs.Jingce Electronics has introduced a new yield management model in the field ofdisplay production by integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) andLarge Language Model (LLM) technologies to enhance product quality andproduction line efficiency. Firstly, AI technology is employed for real-timeanalysis of extensive production data, enabling intelligent monitoring ofproduct quality and swift responses. Secondly, through the innovativeintegration of Large Language Model (LLM) technology, a dynamic and intelligentadjustment of production processes and decision parameters is achieved bycombining online production quality monitoring data with production processparameters across multiple stages of the production line in real-time. Thisresults in optimal solutions for production capacity and yield. In practicalapplication, this innovative model has yielded significant results in thedisplay industry, effectively improving production yield levels and productionline efficiency. This research is not only applicable to the display industry butalso has broad applications across other intelligent manufacturing sectors.