Novel Organic Semiconductor Devices for Display Applications

Novel Organic Semiconductor Devices for Display Applications

Karl Leo

Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonics (IAPP), Technische Universität Dresden,01062 Dresden, Germany,

Keywords: Organic Transistors, Vertical Transistors, Light-Emitting Transistors

Organic semiconductor devices can play an important role in display devices, both as light emitter (OLED)and for organic transistors in the backplane. In this talk, I will discuss recent work which addresses bothapplications. First, I will discuss vertical transistor structures which have very short channel length withoutmicropatterning. These devices are e.g. well suited to drive organic light emitting diodes (OLED), allowingall-organic flexible OLED displays. We have achieved current densities as high as kA/cm2 /1/ useful forbright OLED displays and record operating frequencies for organic transistors above 40MHz /2/. Recentstudies prove excellent stability under OLED driving conditions /3/.

Finally, I will discuss vertical organic light emitting transistors /4/ which show highly efficient light emission indifferent colors. These devices combine OLED operation and switching and could be highly useful for OLEDdisplay applications since the are fully compatible with standard mass production technology via vacuumevaporation.REFERENCES[1] M. P. Klinger et al., Sci. Rep. 7, 4471 (2017)[2] B. Boroujeni et al., Sci. Rep. 8, 7643 (2018)[3] F. Dollinger et al., Adv. Electron.Mater. 5, 190057 (2019)[4] Z. Wu et al., "Efficient and low-voltage vertical organic permeable-base light-emitting transistors", Nature Materials, in press.