GHyungki Hong

GHyungki Hong.pngGHyungki Hong is a Professor at Department of optometry,Seoul National University of Science and Technology since 2010 and a member of SID. He received his B. S. in Physics in Seoul National University and Ph. D in Physics from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). After receiving Ph.D in 1998, he joined LG Display (at that time LCD division of LG Electronics)and worked for the performance improvement and the performance characterizationof LCD and 3D display until 2010. His research interest is evaluation of thedisplay characteristics and human factors related to displays such as 3D and VR/AR.He also participates actively in the international standardization of VR/AR measurement in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


Human vision and image quality

Short abstract:   Though human vision is often compared to a camera,human vision has its own unique characteristics and these characteristics affect the image quality of the observed image. Also, peripheral and binocular vision as well as the central vision need to be considered due to the new kinds of the display application. In this technical seminar, the unique characteristics of the human vision and its relation to the perceived image quality will be investigated.