Zhong Rui / Rita





演讲主题:Summaryand Forecast of China MNT Online Market

演讲人:Zhong Rui / Rita

演讲人介绍:Three years of experience in theupstream panel industry and two years of experience in IT market research,involving industry technology, products, consumers, supply chain anddevelopment trend research.

演讲摘要In 2022, China experienced the latestage of the ‘COVID-19’, and the demand for MNT tended to be conservative. In2023, the economy is expected to recover gradually and consumption is expectedto return. In the past and future environmental changes, the demand and productcharacteristics of the MNT online market fluctuate accordingly. It is expectedthat the MNT brands will evolve from the pursuit of scale growth to the pursuitof high-quality growth.